Welcome to the website of Theresa Mather, fantasy artist known for her dragons and other creatures, and for her paintings on rocks and feathers! Here you’ll find information about Theresa, a gallery of her art, news on upcoming appearances and links to purchase artwork and other items!



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Theresa Mather Fantasy Art
Theresa Mather Fantasy Art3 weeks ago
We hope you are staying nice and warm this winter!

Here is a list of convention art shows where you can see (and purchase) Theresa's art in February. These shows will all be via mail in and we will not be present in person at them.

The photo is of a small original piece which will be at Mysticon, acrylic on naturally molted domestic pet macaw feather (thank you as always for the generous donation CoCo!)

Foolscap: Seattle, WA, Feb. 1-3, 2019

Farpoint 26: Hunt Valley, MD, Feb. 8-10, 2019

Capricon 39: Wheeling, IL, Feb. 14th-18th, 2019 http://capricon.org/capricon39/

Radcon 7C: Pasco, WA, Feb 15-17, 2019

Mysticon: Roanoke, VA, Feb. 20-24, 2019

ConCave 40: Bowling Green, KY, Feb 21-24, 2019
Theresa Mather Fantasy Art
Theresa Mather Fantasy Art1 month ago
New art! Cephalopirates have found a treasure. How do you think they will spend it?

Acrylic on panel, approximately 6x8 inches. Will be available at convention art shows starting in February.
Theresa Mather Fantasy Art
Theresa Mather Fantasy Art2 months ago
Happy New Year!

Convention art shows for January, 2019!

Theresa will not be at any of these shows in person. Participation will be via mail in.

Marscon, January 18-20, Williamsburg, VA http://www.marscon.net/wp/

Arisia, January 18-21, Boston, MA

Further Confusion, January 17-21, San Jose, CA
Theresa Mather Fantasy Art
Theresa Mather Fantasy Art3 months ago
Theresa here, peeking out from my studio where I am trying to wrap up 2018.

Just in time for holiday gift shopping, Offworld Designs is offering this great deal on your entire order, including T-shirts featuring artwork by yours truly. They have my library cats, my mischievous little dragons fighting in a library, coffee dragons and more! https://www.offworlddesigns.com/
Theresa Mather Fantasy Art
Theresa Mather Fantasy Art5 months ago
Summer is winding down and autumn is in the air!
The following is a list of upcoming events where you can view and purchase my artwork.

FenConXV: September 21-23, Dallas/ Fort Worth, TX. Participation will be via mail-in to the art show. http://www.fencon.org/

NukeCon: October 5-7, Omaha, Nebraska. Participation will be by mil-in to the art show. https://www.nuke-con.com/

Icon 43: October 5-7, Cedar Rapids Iowa. Art show participation via mail-in. http://iowa-icon.com/

Archon: October 12-14m Collinsville, IL (St Louis, MO area) Participation via mail in to the art show. http://archonstl.org/

MileHiCon: October 19-21, Denver, CO. It's the 50th anniversary of the con and so they have invited all previous guests of honor back to celebrate! I will be there (along with a number of other other amazing artists) as a returning art Guest of Honor. I will have art in the art show and a table in the dealer's room. http://www.milehicon.org/

It's been a difficult couple of months due to a family medical emergency which has required a lot of time away from home. There were also some bright spots such as Worldcon, where we enjoyed seeing friends from all over the country.
So far we have managed to keep up with all our scheduled events, however, the situation will prevent us from returning to the Age of Chivalry event in Las Vegas this year. It's a multi-day event with extremely long hours and it could push things over the top if we try to fit it in with all our other obligations. We do hope to add a return to this event to our calendar for next year.