Welcome to the website of Theresa Mather, fantasy artist known for her dragons and other creatures, and for her paintings on rocks and feathers! Here you’ll find information about Theresa, a gallery of her art, news on upcoming appearances and links to purchase artwork and other items!



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Theresa Mather Fantasy Art
Theresa Mather Fantasy Art1 month ago
Here is my convention art show list for May. I'm behind on posting this and the first con has already passed, but I'll give them a shout out anyway.I am participating in all of them via mail in of my artwork and will unfortunately not be in attendance. I am busy painting and making new things to make sure each show gets some original art, and taking some occasional time out to serve my demanding feline overlords. Pictured is "Math is Hard," a print which will be available at each of the following convention art shows.

Demicon: May 3-5, Des Moines, IA, https://demicon.org/demicon30/

Visioncon: May 10-12, Springfield, MO, https://visioncon.net/

Marcon: May 10-12, Worthington, OH, http://marcon.org/

Keycon: May 17-19, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA ,http://www.keycon.org/36/

Balticon: May 24-27, Baltimore, MD, https://www.balticon.org/wp53/

Baycon: May 24-27, San Mateo, CA, https://baycon.org/

ConQuest: May 24-26, Kansas City, MO, https://www.conquestkc.org/

MediaWest*Con: May 24-27, Lansing, MI, http://www.mediawestcon.org/

Miscon: May 24-27, Missoula, MT, http://www.miscon.org/

Oasis: May 31-June 2, Orlando, FL, https://www.oasfis.org/oasis/
Theresa Mather Fantasy Art
Theresa Mather Fantasy Art2 months ago
New art! Peridot Dragon Fly, acrylic, 5x7 inches. This is the companion to the recent "Aquamarine Dragon Fly."
Theresa Mather Fantasy Art
Theresa Mather Fantasy Art2 months ago
Joyous Spring wishes. More new art and the start of a new series: Aquamarine Dragon Fly, acrylic on panel, 5x7 inches. Prints will feature a Swarovski crystal held in his claw. Look for this piece and a companion (which I will post in a day or two) at my art shows starting with the April conventions.
Theresa Mather Fantasy Art
Theresa Mather Fantasy Art2 months ago
One more fantasy carousel piece: Reynard the Fox! Acrylic, 5x7 inches.
Theresa Mather Fantasy Art
Theresa Mather Fantasy Art2 months ago
A brand new fantasy carousel animal: Greymalkin! Acrylic, 5x7 inches. The prints will each have a Swarovski crystal and will be double matted, available at science fiction convention art shows where I am showing my work. For April, 2019, that will be:

Norwescon: April 18-21, SeaTac, WA http://www.norwescon.org/

ConGlomeration: April 19-21, Louisville, KY http://www.conglomeration.info/

ConStellation: April 26-28, Lincoln, NE

I will not be present at any of these conventions. The art will be in the art shows and in the print shop as well as the main shows.