Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find your art, and how can I meet you?

I exhibit my art at 50 to 60 conventions each year. Check the event pagehere on my website where I also announce which cons I'll be attending - typically it's Comic Con International in San Diego, often World Con when it's in the US, and whichever cons I may be an invited guest at. Three or four cons per year is about all I can allow into my schedule, but we usually try to throw in at least one extra just for fun. If you want to ask a question, you can always email me here.

Can I commission you to do a piece for me?

Generally, I'm not crazy about taking commissions. Because I show at so many conventions per year, I don't have a lot of time left to take on additional work - and I have so many more things I want to paint than I have time for as it is that I really don't have a lot of interest in taking assignments. Which isn't to say that I will never take a commission, just that you'll have to capture my imagination to get me to agree to one.

Are you going to be doing any book covers?

Steve Austin carved a leather book cover that I painted and that we sold at DragonCon in 2003 - does that count? No, I have not sought out book cover work. Really, I just like the freedom I have to paint whatever I want to paint, whenever I want to paint it.

Who are some of your favorite artists, writers, books, movies…?

In genre, my favorite contemporary artist is probably Brian Froud. Artists who have influenced me include the Russian fantasist Ivan BilibinGustave Doré, and a whole bunch of anonymous artists who created fairground art in the nineteenth and early 20th centuries. The carousel carvers like Charles Looff, Marcus Illions, and Gustave Dentzel. I draw a lot of influence from the use of color in medieval book illumination. I really try not to pay much attention to contemporary illustration - so many artists are drawing their influences from a relatively small group of predecessors that I just feel better by drawing my experiences from elsewhere. I also try to spend a reasonable amount of time getting out of the house, away from the books, and getting my experience from the world around me instead of through someone else's filter.

In books, I like my fantasy with a large dose of humor. My favorite fantasy work is Orlando Furioso by Ariosto. I read mostly classic literature, and not much contemporary SF or fantasy. I also like comics, including the Vertigo series Fables, and Tony Millionaire's Sock Monkey. My favorite movie of the past several years is O Brother, Where Art Thou? My favorite classic movies include Sullivan's Travels and The Lady Eve, with My Fair Lady as my favorite musical.

If I buy one of your prints, what do I get?

You get a reproduction of my original work as close to the original as we can get it. If you have one of my older (pre-2004) prints, you have a laserprint. My new prints are done in archival inkjet format, at high resolution with seven colors of ink. This paper and ink combination is estimated to last from 70 to 100 years with reasonable care (don't leave it in direct sunlight, don't hang it in your sauna). This is a process and quality that was developed a few years ago for what were then known as Giclees and Iris prints - both processes which were quite expensive. New printing technology allows me to offer these high grade prints at a much lower price than would have been available. Of course, some people using the process I use are inaccurately calling them Giclees - that's not really correct, so I'm sticking with Archival Inkjet Print until someone comes up with a better term. Besides, Giclee sounds like some sort of frozen French dessert to me. Mmmmmm, chocolate giclee, with chopped nuts!

Can I get a print of one of your feathers and/or stone pieces?

No. My feathers and stones are available only as one of a kind originals - no prints, ever. If I'm making a print from an image, it's an image done in traditional 2 dimensional media.

I have a project in mind that I'd like to use your art for! Can I use it?

Well, maybe. Contact me and we'll see what we can work out.

Can I do something not for profit using images found here?

Again, please contact me first, but the following conditions will almost always apply: 1) The artwork may not be significantly altered in any way. 2) The "© Theresa Mather" copyright notice must be included in all uses. 3) For any use greater than one inch in width, the full URL to this site - - must be included, and the content should be hot linked under any circumstances. 4) Sales of tags and/or avatars is strictly forbidden. If you wish to sell work based upon my work, we need a licensing contract. Contact my manager5) Email me and tell me what you're doing - and show me your work! If you don't contact me, I have to assume you don't want me to know what you're doing. That makes my lawyers angry. You wouldn't like them when they're angry.