Welcome to the website of Theresa Mather, fantasy artist known for her dragons and other creatures, and for her paintings on rocks and feathers! Here you’ll find information about Theresa, a gallery of her art, news on upcoming appearances and links to purchase artwork and other items!


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Theresa Mather Fantasy Art
Theresa Mather Fantasy Art7 days ago
Theresa here. I haven't made hand painted pendants in some time, but I have completed some and will be offering them for sale online first, before they go to any art shows. The first is a peridot dragon. The painted area is 30x40 millimeters, and the dragon is holding a genuine peridot. Set in a gold plated brass stamping, with a gold plated chain. It's $100, including shipping. There is only one available.
Theresa Mather Fantasy Art
Theresa Mather Fantasy Art1 week ago
Theresa here! All four of my newer series of elemental dragons are now available as cross stitch patterns from Charting Creations! They are available individually or in a set.
Theresa Mather Fantasy Art
Theresa Mather Fantasy Art1 month ago
After many years of sending art to the art show, we will actually be attending Norwescon in person. We'll have space in the dealer's room for prints, T-shirts, mousepads, bookmarks and more as well as original artwork in the art show. I'm looking forward to the trip at the end of March. Hope to see some of you there! http://www.norwescon.org/
Theresa Mather Fantasy Art
Theresa Mather Fantasy Art2 months ago
Theresa here. Something new for 2018. Ravensong, acrylic on panel. Based on a feather piece I painted last year.

A little magic in winter.
Theresa Mather Fantasy Art
Theresa Mather Fantasy Art3 months ago
Theresa here. I finally got around to doing the companion pieces to Blue Poison Dragon Fly and the ever-viral-without-my-name-on-it Yellow Poison Dragon Fly. They were actually completed last summer but stuff got in the way and they weren't scanned and processed for making prints until recently. The originals are colored pencil with acrylic highlights, about 5x7 inches. The colors, as with the first two, are based on poison dart frogs. Enjoy!